More jobs for developers from the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things promises to be a job bonanza for developers, and coders can expect plenty of work at very good pay, according to Michael Rasalan, a director at California-based developer research company Evans Data Corp. But there’s a catch: To get the best jobs, you’ll need the right skills and plenty of experience. […]

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Business rewritten by IT: A mass requirement for automation

In the business of IT, we’re seeing yet another example of form imitating function. Managers and solutions providers who work within IT often talk about the “business of IT,” by which they are referring to the pursuit of effectively managing IT as it becomes the central source of revenue for a business. It’s all about […]

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How big data is changing the CFO role

As IMA found in its recently released 2014 Salary Survey, salaries remained stagnant or declined for accounting and finance professionals in traditional areas of responsibility, such as taxation and audit. The finance function is evolving and CFOs are expected to know more about the trends affecting businesses today, including big data and technological innovations. I […]


Why CIOs can’t sell enterprise collaboration tools

Enterprise collaboration is a dubious pursuit. You can almost sense its impending failure the minute it gets introduced to a workforce and becomes just another tool that employees are supposed to use. It doesn’t help when CIOs downplay the value of collaboration tools by simply procuring something that meets the lowest common denominator and enables […]

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ERP in the era of cloud computing

Today’s business landscape involves rapidly changing markets as well as employees and customers who are increasingly connected. As a result, the pressure is on for businesses to be more agile and flexible, and to be able to measure ROI in weeks, not years. Because of this, business leaders need to focus on finding improved, streamlined, […]

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IBM unbolts vast threat database to fight cybercrimes

IBM today took cybersecurity threat sharing to a new level – it opened its vast library of security intelligence data to public or private entities building defenses against cybercrimes. IBM’s X-Force Exchange features 700 terabytes of raw aggregated data and offers cloud-based access to volumes of IBM and third-party threat data from across the globe, […]


Will containers kill the virtual machine?

Two years ago when Frank Macreery started Aptible to help companies host sensitive healthcare data in the cloud, as CTO he decided that containers would play a pivotal role in the company’s operations. “Running our service just on top of VMs (virtual machines) would be ugly,” he says. “I couldn’t envision doing it without containers.” […]