HP and IBM rated top IT outsourcing service providers

HP Outsourcing has the highest Net Promoter (NPS) score among IT service providers, according to a 2015 analysis of NPS scores among corporate technology vendors recently published by the Temkin Group. A company’s NPS is considered a measure of customer loyalty and has been proven by some to be a leading indicator of corporate growth. […]


7 warnings to heed before a cloud migration

LAS VEGAS — If a cloud migration is in your company’s future, some IT cloud veterans are warning you to avoid the technology pitfalls that could be lurking in the dark. Migrating to the cloud is becoming more common, especially for sizable enterprises. Certainly, most CIOs and IT managers are aware that they need to […]

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IBM announces acquisition of Cleversafe

IBM has acquired object-based storage software and appliance developer Cleversafe, to help strengthen its position in the hybrid cloud and storage markets. The company is hoping the purchase of Cleversafe will mean it can offer customers next-generation mobile, social and analytics applications, using a flexible, simple management platform and consistency thanks to its on-premise, cloud […]


IBM launches cognitive computing consulting practice

IBM today launched its latest strategic initiative: a 2,000-employee consulting unit devoted exclusively to business that builds on the cognitive computing capabilities of IBM Watson. “Our work with clients across many industries shows that cognitive computing is the path to the next great set of possibilities for business,” Bridget van Kralingen, senior vice president, IBM […]


Machines will learn just like a child, says IBM CEO

ORLANDO – Technology is shifting to intelligent machines with a capability to reason, said IBM Chairman and CEO Virginia Rometty. These machines won’t replace humans, but will augment them. It is a technology that will transform business, she said. This technology is the basis of IBM‘s work on Watson, its cognitive or thinking system. Rometty, […]


Ch-ch-changes: Gartner’s top 10 emerging trends

ORLANDO — The No. 1 problem, or trend, facing IT departments today is nonstop demand, according to Gartner. As more devices connect to the Internet, the need for more computing capability, storage and networking is increasing at a rapid rate. For instance, 39 million terabytes of storage is currently deployed globally; by 2019, that figure […]


6 steps for digital transformation

In terms of digital transformation initiatives, there’s a lot of talk right now in terms of strategy and less emphasis on practical execution. Everyone wants to advise the CEO and the board, but these discussions often only take the conversation so far. So how should an organization think beyond the strategy and get to transformative […]