Growth in private cloud adoptions fuels increase in hybrid strategies

Private cloud adoption increased over the past year, leading to a rise in hybrid cloud environments, according to a new report from RightScale, a provider of enterprise cloud management technology. The company’s 2016 State of the Cloud Survey of 1,060 technology professionals at large and small enterprises across a range of industries showed that private […]


Big Data as a Service delivers the analytics benefits without the grunt work

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter’s approach. As organizations work to make big data broadly available in the form of easily consumable analytics, they should consider outsourcing functions to the cloud. By opting for a Big Data as a Service […]


10 things that keep CMOs up at night

The chief marketing officer (CMO) role has become ever-more important in modern organizations and enterprises around the world, propelled by the rise of digital marketing, big data, and the need to engage customers across multiple platforms, on a more personal, interactive levels. But hey, no pressure.  We asked CMOs at established enterprises and burgeoning startups […]


Can big data help fight the Zika virus?

The World Health Organization has declared the Zika Virus a public health emergency that could affect four million people in the next year as it spreads across the Americas. Big data and analytics have played a role in containing previous viral outbreaks such as Ebola, Dengue fever and seasonal flu, and lessons learned there are […]

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Banks have a legitimate gripe over data security

Until as recently as one year ago, banks denied even using cloud apps. Today we know that’s a far cry from the truth, as they find they have an average of 690 apps per enterprise, with 91 percent of them not meeting critical security standards. But do financial institutions have a handle on data being […]


How Freddie Mac brought shadow business apps into the light

Your internal business partners decide the IT department is too slow. So they retreat to the shadows, hire their own development shops, and commission new applications. You are happily oblivious to this covert behavior until something goes wrong. Then it’s your job to step in and scale, secure or save the applications. If only you […]

Double exposure of Business Man using Mobile Tablet PC with Cloud and Sky as Cloud Computing or Network concept.

Heterogeneous multi-dimensional cloud security

According to ESG research, 75% of organizations use public cloud services of one kind or another today (note: I am an ESG employee). A majority (65%) use SaaS, 38% use IaaS, and 33% use PaaS. In terms of IaaS, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the king of the hill, but many large enterprises are […]


Big data’s big role in humanitarian aid

Hundreds of thousands of refugees streamed into Europe in 2015 from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Some estimates put the number at nearly a million. The sheer volume of people overwhelmed European officials, who not only had to handle the volatile politics stemming from the crisis, but also had to find food, shelter and […]


EU picks BT, IBM, Atos to supply €44 million cloud services

BT, Accenture and Atos are set to supply the European Commission with its first ever set of cloud services in deals worth a total of €44 million. Various EU bodies will use a mix of public and private IaaS and a public PaaS cloud provided by seven different suppliers under deals that could last a […]


CIOs facing tsunami of disruptive technologies over the next three years

CIOs are facing a tsunami of converging technologies: cloud (24×7 accessibility, storage, computing power), Internet of Things (data producers), mobile (access point 24×7, anywhere), and data and analytics (developing insight from massive amounts of data), with robots, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing all coming into play. Also, it’s a given that security is an over-arching […]