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Heterogeneous multi-dimensional cloud security

According to ESG research, 75% of organizations use public cloud services of one kind or another today (note: I am an ESG employee). A majority (65%) use SaaS, 38% use IaaS, and 33% use PaaS. In terms of IaaS, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is still the king of the hill, but many large enterprises are […]


Big data’s big role in humanitarian aid

Hundreds of thousands of refugees streamed into Europe in 2015 from Syria and other Middle Eastern countries. Some estimates put the number at nearly a million. The sheer volume of people overwhelmed European officials, who not only had to handle the volatile politics stemming from the crisis, but also had to find food, shelter and […]


EU picks BT, IBM, Atos to supply €44 million cloud services

BT, Accenture and Atos are set to supply the European Commission with its first ever set of cloud services in deals worth a total of €44 million. Various EU bodies will use a mix of public and private IaaS and a public PaaS cloud provided by seven different suppliers under deals that could last a […]


CIOs facing tsunami of disruptive technologies over the next three years

CIOs are facing a tsunami of converging technologies: cloud (24×7 accessibility, storage, computing power), Internet of Things (data producers), mobile (access point 24×7, anywhere), and data and analytics (developing insight from massive amounts of data), with robots, artificial intelligence and cognitive computing all coming into play. Also, it’s a given that security is an over-arching […]


Big data projects on the rise (but data use could be better)

The good news it that about half of U.S. companies say they now have some form of big data initiative in place, according to a recent study. The bad news:  Few have  managed to reach their data-related goals. “The amount of data crossing the wires and airwaves is mind-boggling,” says Seth Robinson, senior director, technology […]

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A deeper look at closing the ‘SecOps gap’

We recently took a look at the consequences that arise from friction and lack of coordination between security and IT operations staffs (the SecOps gap): everything from avoidable security risks to data loss, from production downtime to excessive labor costs. These problems came to the forefront in an exclusive new survey by Forbes Insights and […]

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Cloud computing becomes a home for data analytics

Analytics — with its massive quantities of data requiring plenty of processing juice and storage space — is a natural fit for the cloud. Organizations are still dipping their toes into the possibilities, but this is about to accelerate dramatically. That’s the takeaway from a recent survey conducted by IDG and published by Informatica About 15% of […]

Cloud computing

IBM expands developer offering with cloud and analytics marketplace

IBM has announced 25 new open source services for developers and data scientists to use in order to build and move data into the cloud. The new tools and services will enable developers to build, deploy and manage both web and mobile applications using the cloud – whether hybrid, private or public environments. They will […]

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Johns Hopkins uses big data to narrow care

At Johns Hopkins Medicine, big data and analytics are at the core of the organization’s goal to tailor medical treatments and procedures to individual patients. Launched in 2012 as the Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative, or Hopkins inHealth, the effort is a collaboration between Johns Hopkins University, which includes the medical school; the health system, […]