IBM launches Blue Box Cloud in data centers

IBM has announced Blue Box Cloud is now available in its global network of data centres, allowing customers to deploy and manage applications on OpenStack-based private clouds running SoftLayer. The news comes three months after IBM acquired Blue Box and demonstrates the flexibility to add extra capabilities to its growing suite of OpenStack-based solutions in […]

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Think you’re agile? You’re probably wrong

Businesses worldwide overestimate their agility and need to educate themselves on the benefits of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, according to the Oracle Cloud Agility study released today by Oracle. “This study shows there is something of a disconnect between the respondents’ perception of the business in general and the actual reality of their IT infrastructure,” says […]


Cloud will drive increased revenues over next two years

More than half of decision makers think the cloud will be responsible for driving increased revenues over the next two years, according to research.  Cloud-based applications will not only increase revenues directly, but they will also reduce costs, making the books better balanced, the study by IDC found. However, the research – which was commissioned […]


How Georgia successfully overhauled IT

When Dean Johnson joined the state of Georgia’s tech team in 2007, he was embarking on a turnaround mission. The organization that hired Johnson, the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), had been chartered by a 2000 statute in an effort to streamline the state’s IT operations, but inefficiencies, duplication and security risks were rampant. [ Related: […]


Tips from a day in the life of 4 CIOs

Being the senior-most executive responsible for all the technology running a company these days isn’t easy. There are times when it seems like you can’t wrap your arms around the most pressing technical issues or meet with enough staff members to develop the strategies your business demands to stay competitive. We spoke to four CIOs […]

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5 steps to building a secure cloud strategy

Corporate IT has lost the battle with shadow IT, and it’s time to embrace what that means for enterprises. Beyond employees using their favorite productivity apps like Dropbox and Evernote, enterprises rely on the cloud for critical business functions such as customer relationship management, financial planning and everything in between. Organizations use 730 cloud services […]


Retail CIOs become heroes with the help of CMOs

In today’s hyper-competitive retail universe, striving to satisfy customer demands is more important than ever. Savvy consumers are always on, moving easily between smartphones, desktops and brick-and-mortar locations – and they expect retailers to keep up, no matter at what point-of-purchase they choose to interact. To deliver the kind of seamless experiences these customers want […]


BYOD – the tech revolution that wasn’t

Budding technology trends start the same way: X is going to cause a revolution. Be a game changer. Disrupt the company, the industry, the world – maybe even the universe.  And then reality sets in. Sure, X might change the lives of some people at some companies, but far from all, and then business bumps […]


Data analytics help doctors develop cancer treatment plans in a day

More than 14 million people worldwide were diagnosed with cancer in 2012, according to the World Health Organization, and that number is expected to rise about 70 percent over the next 20 years. A sobering prediction magnified by the expense and time required to develop treatment plans.  Intel and the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon […]


The clock is running for CIOs to embrace digital business

Rising customer expectations fueled by the consumerization of IT has led to a digital arms race by companies to put the customer first by developing new business models, re-engineering business processes, employing social media and using analytics to increase customer engagement and roll out personalized new products and services. Many of the initial solutions were […]