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Chasing Big Data and the data scientist unicorn

Organizations are collecting more and more data every single minute of every day. It’s no secret that Facebook, for example, processes 2.5 billion pieces of content and over 500 terabytes of data each day, pulling in 2.7 billion Likes and 300 million photos per diem. Facebook also scans a whopping 105 terabytes of data each […]

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Next-generation databases take on Big Data management challenges

Relational databases such as Oracle, IBM’s DB2 and Microsoft’s Access, form the backbone for data storage and management in most organizations today. While relational databases provide good structure and accessibility for most data, they also have limitations which have given rise to a new class of databases that address specific needs for dealing with extremely […]

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comScore CTO shares Big Data lessons

comScore is no stranger to Big Data. The digital analytics company was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing intelligence to companies about what’s happening online. In those early days, the volume of data at the company’s fingertips was relatively modest. But that wouldn’t last long. “Things got really interesting for us starting back […]


Covering new geographies: e-SignLive expands with IBM Cloud

e-SignLive is an awkwardly named tool that allows organizations and individuals to sign documentation electronically. The product, itself a division of Silanis, is the most widely used e-signature solution in the world and processes close to 1 billion documents every year. For those who haven’t yet experienced it, electronic signing is a revelation and avoids the […]

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You can skip business process analysis when purchasing COTS or cloud software

In an enterprise situation, business process analysis is a crucial part of software development. When an organization decides to write software to automate certain business processes, the early phases of the project involve business process analysis and optimization. A key software development objective is to design the system in such a way that process improvements […]

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What Big Data analytics professionals want from IT

Big Data is where the paying jobs are. An update posted this week by Forbes Contributor Louis Columbus indicates that the “The [median] advertised salary for technical professionals with Big Data expertise is $104,850 net of bonuses and additional compensation.” And the demand is significant. He points out that IBM alone advertised more than 2300 […]

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Where is the Internet of Things being invented? Not in Silicon Valley

The emerging consensus view of humanity’s imminent future is that just about everything will soon be interconnected with just about everything else. In a recent report on Digital Life in 2025, the Pew Research Center’s Internet Project predicted that the internet would soon become a “global, immersive, invisible, ambient networked computing environment built through the […]