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IBM MobileFirst platform adds cloud option

Mobile development increasingly becoming the norm for businesses. According an IBM Institute for Business Value study, 77 percent of executives plan to undertake at least five enterprise mobile initiatives over the next year. As more and more enterprises take advantage of cloud computing, it only makes sense that mobile development and cloud technology should work […]


How cloud drives innovation across European industries

Cloud computing is more than a trend. According to International Data Corporation (IDC), “more than 70 percent of western European IT organizations will commit to hybrid cloud architectures by 2017.” And that’s just one statistic that shows how quickly hybrid cloud and cloud-based platforms are becoming must-haves for businesses. Here are a few more: Cloud […]

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Empowering high-performance computing in the cloud

The current era of computing is driven by data. In this data-fueled economy, businesses and organizations are increasingly applying high-performance computing (HPC) techniques to harness the power of advanced analytics and machine learning. HPC is the use of “parallel processing” techniques to solve complex computational problems through computer modelling, simulation and analysis. Traditionally, most users […]

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Hybrid cloud powers fan engagement at Wimbledon

Qualifying for the Wimbledon tennis tournament started June 20, and fans are going to get more up-to-date information about what’s happening on the court than ever before thanks to IBM hybrid cloud technology. For example, the new Cognitive Command Center will take in social media conversations from around the globe to determine the most popular […]


Leap into the future with the first quantum computer anyone can use

Imagine a future in which a computer reduces the time and effort required to develop new drugs or saves lives with more accurate weather forecasting. Quantum computers find answers to complex sets of problems that today’s classical (non-quantum) computers are really bad at. Classical computers operate by sequentially manipulating “strings of bits” that can either […]


Cloud-based Data Science Experience to accelerate production

In an announcement that coincided with the Spark Summit in San Francisco, IBM unveiled a new Data Science Experience integrated development environment last week. The cloud-based environment uses what IBM Analytics Product Development VP Rob Thomas calls the “analytics operating system” of Apache Spark to help data scientists collaborate with one another to ultimately get […]