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How data analytics helps managers be more effective

Big Data analysis is helping organizations better analyze their customers, predict the competitive landscape and suss out emerging trends before they go mainstream — all of which helps companies maintain a competitive edge. But turn the lens inward, and Big Data can also be a competitive advantage by helping managers sharpen focus on hiring, retention, […]

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Securing the enterprise digital footprint

This vendor-written tech primer has been edited by Network World to eliminate product promotion, but readers should note it will likely favor the submitter’s approach. In late 2007, AOL security researcher William Salusky and his team discovered one of the first reported instances of malvertising — a digital ad running on had been configured to serve up […]


Credit scores: Everyday predictive analytics

News reports about predictive analytics can give you the impression that the field is new (it isn’t), or exotic (it isn’t) or so specialized that it doesn’t have much meaning for the average business (it isn’t). The truth is that businesses large and small use predictive analytics on an everyday basis, often without giving it […]


How Docker can transform your development teams

Waiting for the right build has been a historical problem with test environments, while differences between development, test and production have caused defects to escape in production. Virtual Machines solve these problems by sharing a copy of system data, but they can be slow and take gigabytes of disk space.  Enter Docker, a lightweight, fast […]


The impacts of Big Data that you may not have heard of

Big Data is a buzzword amongst businessmen nowadays. Regardless of industry or company size, it manages to squeeze into every nook and cranny. There are at least three ways that Big Data has been impacting companies that everyone should understand moving forward. It has revolutionized old-school industries. “Big Data has had a tremendous impact on […]

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IoT, cloud and Big Data analytics reshape vertical markets

The advent of the Internet of Industrial Things (IoIT) has triggered an influx of services such as cyber security and advanced maintenance, and this has dramatically widened business opportunities in the manufacturing services sector, according to a new study from Frost & Sullivan. As integration with information and communication technologies (ICT) such as big data […]


IBM launches Blue Box Cloud in data centers

IBM has announced Blue Box Cloud is now available in its global network of data centres, allowing customers to deploy and manage applications on OpenStack-based private clouds running SoftLayer. The news comes three months after IBM acquired Blue Box and demonstrates the flexibility to add extra capabilities to its growing suite of OpenStack-based solutions in […]

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Think you’re agile? You’re probably wrong

Businesses worldwide overestimate their agility and need to educate themselves on the benefits of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings, according to the Oracle Cloud Agility study released today by Oracle. “This study shows there is something of a disconnect between the respondents’ perception of the business in general and the actual reality of their IT infrastructure,” says […]


Cloud will drive increased revenues over next two years

More than half of decision makers think the cloud will be responsible for driving increased revenues over the next two years, according to research.  Cloud-based applications will not only increase revenues directly, but they will also reduce costs, making the books better balanced, the study by IDC found. However, the research – which was commissioned […]


How Georgia successfully overhauled IT

When Dean Johnson joined the state of Georgia’s tech team in 2007, he was embarking on a turnaround mission. The organization that hired Johnson, the Georgia Technology Authority (GTA), had been chartered by a 2000 statute in an effort to streamline the state’s IT operations, but inefficiencies, duplication and security risks were rampant. [ Related: […]