Author: Angel Luis Diaz

Cloud Foundry Summit

Cloud Foundry: The open tech community’s rising star

People often ask about the characteristics of an effective open technology community. It’s actually fairly simple to answer. The best open tech communities have strong leadership, strong governance, beautiful code and passionate contributors. The Cloud Foundry Foundation embodies all of these characteristics. When it launched in December 2014, the Cloud Foundry Foundation boasted 40 member […]

Dojo 1

IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo opens in Research Triangle Park

There’s a new way to work in open source, and IBM is thrilled to be a part of it. Today we celebrate the grand opening of the IBM Cloud Foundry Dojo at The Frontier in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Under the leadership of Michael Fraenkel, IBM’s distinguished engineer in Cloud Foundry, we’ve created a […]

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3 reasons for using Docker in your open cloud architecture

As IBM’s VP of Open Technologies and Cloud Performance, one of the most common questions I’m asked is, “What open technologies should I leverage to build an open cloud architecture?” This question indicates that he or she understands the value of an open cloud architecture—including the ability to dynamically grow capability, leverage the OpenStack community’s innovations, the […]