Status check on OpenStack: The open source cloud has arrived

Piston Cloud Computing was one of the darlings of the OpenStack movement. A founding father of the cloud computing project, it produced one of the first private cloud products based on the open source code. Fast forward two years and founder Joshua McKenty has left Piston and the most recent release of the company’s product […]

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Toward omniscient cybersecurity systems

Cybersecurity systems suffer from compartmentalization.  Vulnerability management systems know which software revisions are installed on which systems, but have no idea how endpoints and servers are connected together.  Similarly, an anti-malware gateway can perform static and dynamic analysis on a suspicious file but doesn’t know if a user downloaded analogous malware when they were connected […]


Enterprise software requirements: How much detail?

When developing requirements for purchasing enterprise software, organizations often struggle to decide how much detail to capture. The more detailed requirements are, the more time and money it takes to collect, document and manage them. Is it worth making that upfront investment? Requirements are to software selection as foundations are to a building. Get them […]


Why cloud computing is (almost) all software

Does anybody even make hardware any more? You’d be forgiven for asking the question, even if it does sound slightly ridiculous. But thinking about it… apart from the device you’re reading this on and the hardware in the server racks in the cloud datacenter serving this website, is anyone even making that much hardware? The […]

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Four top trends to watch: HR meets technology

Congratulations, class of 2015! Another generation of students are tossing their caps into the air and setting forth into the talent pool. From my home base in Cambridge their elation and optimism is palpable, infectious, and admit it: slightly daunting. They live on their smartphones. Most likely that will turn into smartwatches in the blink […]


Envisioning a day in the future cloud-connected world

The very term “cloud” refers to any computing resource not in your current building. There is cloud storage, computing, and various applications ranging from the success of Salesforce online apps to the map you used on your phone (or watch) this morning. The Internet is now synonymous with the cloud. Let’s dream about the cloud […]

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American Express spinoff goes to cloud for IT

American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) has demonstrated one way to break free of legacy restraints — spin out from the parent company and build a new set of systems in the cloud. Early last year Amex said that it was selling off 50 percent of GBT, which serves corporate travelers who spend $19 billion […]

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5 ways to future-proof your cloud computing deals

IT organizations big and small are seeing significant benefits from some of their cloud computing contracts. The value of cloud services deals increased 60 percent in the last three years and the $40 billion global cloud services market is expected to grow 27 percent annually over the next three years, according to recent research by the Everest Group. […]