Memory breakthrough may speed up apps, smartphones

The amount of data being generated on a daily basis is growing exponentially. It’s got to be stored somewhere, and there are increasing concerns that storage technology eventually won’t be able to keep up. Or at least it won’t without innovation. Last week, IBM announced a major advance in phase-change memory (PCM) that could help […]

Educational Tech

Survey: Educational tech using cloud computing improves student performance

A survey conducted by Inside Higher Ed and Gallup found that 75% of college faculty members believe that educational technology—which includes cloud—is improving student outcomes. Nearly two-thirds of instructors (63%) said gains in student learning have justified institutional spending on various ed tech efforts. Though there was some disagreement among surveyed faculty about specific uses […]

Flash Storage

How flash storage helps facilitate cloud applications

The rapid growth of cloud-based applications means enterprises are handling a larger volume of data than ever before. And on top of that, customers are demanding quicker updates and unprecedented responsiveness. That’s a lot to handle, and anything that can speed up the process of transferring data from point A to points B, C, D, […]


UBS: IBM joins cloud computing’s top 4

A recent UBS survey of corporate information technology executives found that the biggest players in the cloud market, including IBM, will continue to grow. “Cloud is not a winner-take-all market,” the report stated, noting that IBM will “hold its own” and is among the top four cloud providers. In particular, IBM is strong in the […]


Cloud assessment: A path to improving customer experience

The value proposition of cloud computing — the delivery model for digital innovation — has evolved from cost reduction and scalability to mobility and cognitive computing. One benefit is a path to improving customer loyalty using cognitive services available through cloud to create personalized promotions and interactive customer support. This thinking has extended the notion […]


4 steps to planning a hybrid cloud deployment

Think you’re ready to move an application your team has developed to a hybrid cloud environment, but unsure of exactly where to begin? The infographic below from IBM cloudMatrix sets out four key steps to eliminating guesswork and making the process go smoothly: assessing your workloads comparing cloud providers creating reusable design patterns estimating your […]

Deployment Automation

Speeding cloud innovation with app deployment automation

C-level executives are looking to the cloud to speed innovation. The business environment is becoming increasingly competitive. The fear of being “Ubered” by competitors who come out of nowhere is forcing IT executives to deliver quality apps to the market faster than ever to meet customer demand.  Concerns about high failure rates, reduced deployment times […]


Why choose a serverless architecture

In everyday cloud deployments, you define and deploy infrastructure, install software, and run code on servers. You then have to manage and maintain those servers. In a serverless architecture, developers no longer have to worry about the underlying infrastructure. They can run code without maintaining servers. OpenWhisk is one example of serverless architecture — a […]

Innovation Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

Enabling real innovation with cloud platforms

It isn’t surprising that cloud adoption is top of mind for many. Organizations of all sizes are looking to increase their cloud usage in 2016. Much of the motivation is based on the financial benefits that cloud computing models provide. This includes: virtualizing workloads to improve efficiency automating elements to decrease time to market and […]