Open Networking User Group looks to reign in ‘Wild West’ of hybrid cloud

The Open Networking User Group (ONUG) announced this week the creation of a new working group that will urge cloud service providers to make interoperability between public and private cloud easier. “It’s a Wild West of how to engage cloud providers,” says Nick Lippis, co-founder of ONUG and an independent analyst. ONUG’s Open Hybrid Cloud […]

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IBM expands developer offering with cloud and analytics marketplace

IBM has announced 25 new open source services for developers and data scientists to use in order to build and move data into the cloud. The new tools and services will enable developers to build, deploy and manage both web and mobile applications using the cloud – whether hybrid, private or public environments. They will […]

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Johns Hopkins uses big data to narrow care

At Johns Hopkins Medicine, big data and analytics are at the core of the organization’s goal to tailor medical treatments and procedures to individual patients. Launched in 2012 as the Johns Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative, or Hopkins inHealth, the effort is a collaboration between Johns Hopkins University, which includes the medical school; the health system, […]

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13 key questions about compliance, regulations, and data security

Every publicly traded company has an alphabet soup of regulations to follow: SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SEC/NASD/NASDAQ, etc. In addition to the standard regulatory reporting requirements, a critical component of most are the protection of private and sensitive data, at rest, in use, and in motion. Some include specific implementation requirements, while others simply demand appropriate […]


How the Super Bowl uses Big Data to change the game

This year marks the 50th year of the Super Bowl, and plenty has changed since the first time teams duked it out for the national title.  Players are bigger and faster, replays more instant and from more angles, commercials cost the equivalent of a small nation’s GDP… But this year, there’s something else that has […]

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Big Data’s coming of age in higher education

There was a lot of hype around big data in higher education in 2015. Colleges and universities, inundated with data from legacy systems and incentivized by renewed accountability pressures, have begun to link disparate information from across the campus. Historically limited to transactional data from registrars and student information systems, the application of data-driven decision […]

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Data analytics among top trends driving IT In 2016

Data analytics continues to be one of the top areas of IT investments and organizations expect to substantially increase their spending in this area in 2016. That is one of the predictions by industry trade group Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), which has just released its IT Industry Outlook 2016. The annual study looks at […]

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3 reasons why healthcare CIOs love wearables

They’re the gift that keeps on giving – wearables.  Healthcare CIOs have to love wearables.  I know what you’re thinking.  What value do consumer products have to my healthcare provider organization?  They aren’t accurate, they aren’t FDA approved, and none of my caregivers use them.  Why would I love wearables?  How can they be a […]