Bringing blockchain to the cloud

Blockchain is all about encryption and secure transactions. That is the message IBM is delivering with its new, cloud-based blockchain offerings aimed at bringing large enterprises onboard with the technology for digital, financial transactions using encrypted database architecture. The new offerings give organizations the opportunity to quickly deploy blockchain networks to be deployed in minutes […]


Using cloud, UmbraGroup protects data from earthquakes

Aviation clients including Boeing, U.S. Airways, Lufthansa, Airbus and Lockheed-Martin rely on Italian company UmbraGroup to supply mechanical components to keep their airplanes in top working order. UmbraGroup relies on IBM Cloud to make sure that its data stays safe so that all those aviation clients can keep their aircraft flying. UmbraGroup’s main datacenter is […]


Comic-Con, CBC, AOL and more tap IBM for cloud video services

At the National Association of Broadcasters conference this week, IBM announced new working relationships with some big clients in the realm of cloud video services. Here’s a quick look at the announcements: AOL has signed on to use Aspera transfer and automation software The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) will use IBM services for ad-supported streaming […]


Box Zones offers European companies local data storage

Over the past several years, organizations in Europe and Asia have been looking for ways to bring their data closer to home. New rules, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation, and the increasing reach of international intelligence organizations have made businesses think twice about where and how they store important information. To […]


Bluemix shortens time to business value

Cloud, analytics, mobile, social and cognitive—all new technologies—require rapid innovation and shortened development time. Working at “cloud speed” is becoming all-important as the cloud becomes the preferred place for developers to build applications. With that growing importance comes need for a platform that can help developers build, run, scale and manage applications securely in the […]


Golf is cognitive computing

How is cognitive computing similar to the game of golf? In cognitive computing, systems are not explicitly programmed. Systems “learn to reason” from interactions with humans and from completing computations. Golfers are not programmed to choose particular clubs. Golfers learn from other golfers and from the experience of playing a particular course. Seasoned golfers can […]


The 18 most lucrative big data certifications

Big data has officially become big business—look no further than the cloud, cognitive and big data offerings from IBM to see how much and how quickly those arenas have grown. And they’re continuing to grow at breakneck speed. With that growth comes more complexity, more segmentation and more avenues for professionals looking to dive into […]


4 ways weather prediction transforms insurance

Weather is a key component understanding of how customers feel, act and react. Weather prediction is a perfect example of using massive amounts of data to gain actionable insights. That’s especially true for insurance companies, which must respond to weather events and the damage they cause. If insurance companies had a timely and detailed understanding […]