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How to move to DevOps to drive open networks

Many of the topics and discussions at the recent Open Networking User Group (ONUG) conference emphasized one very important shift in the networking industry: leading IT organizations are moving to a DevOps organizational structure and eliminating the traditional silos of server, storage and networking in favor of cloud centric, cross-functional teams. Moreover, these changes in […]


Why CIOs can’t wait to renegotiate their outsourcing contracts

As business needs—and the new technologies required to support them—evolve ever more rapidly, outsourcing contracts signed just a year or two ago are already getting stale. That’s why Mayer Brown business and sourcing technology partner Dan Masur is advising companies to revamp their outsourcing deals right now to not only access new options, but also […]

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Why IBM is hiring 1,000 software designers

IBM is one of the latest traditional technology behemoths to see design as a key differentiator in enterprise software. In a session at last week’s Cultivate Conference (co-located with the influential open-source OSCON event in Portland), IBM’s General Manager of Design (apparently a real position) Phil Gilbert told attendees about Big Blue’s attempt to create […]


Can Big Data find your next CEO?

I have widely covered how data and analytics are changing the recruitment landscape. So far, most of the focus has been on filling low and mid-tier vacancies – such as Xerox and their work to find the best candidates for call center positions. But what about filling the most senior vacancies – the “C-suite” of […]

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3rd party data speeds insurance underwriting

Many prospects for life insurance are turned off by the perception that the application process is long and invasive. Lincoln Financial Group is using Big Data to make it a little easier. Part of the company’s underwriting process includes verifying information provided on the application. That typically meant that a contractor would call a prospect […]

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81% of enterprises rely on analytics to gain customer insights

According to a recent KPMG survey of C-level executives, 92% are using data and analytics to gain greater insights into marketing. 72% report their enterprises are regular to heavy users of social media data to improve customer relationships. 81% of enterprises are relying analytics to improve their understanding of customers. 50% of U.S. enterprises report increased […]

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The Huawei way: Chinese telco ignites Open Source Spark

Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has for some time now expanded its horizons beyond the physical manufacturing of networking equipment. The firm’s operational (and consulting) services have spread its ‘intelligence’ to the point where it now actively contributes to a number of open source projects. Given the firm’s breadth and influence, the growth (or failure) of […]

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End-user computing: A data governance challenge

End-User Computing (EUC) is the realm of spreadsheets, word processing, presentations, email, stand-alone users, individual devices, and file sharing applications like Dropbox. It is fair to say that EUC is not a traditional focus of data governance in many organizations, although individual aspects of EUC may be dealt with.  However, it is also easy to […]

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IBM committed to cloud and data analytics

Despite reports that IBM’s sales have fallen dramatically over the last quarter, the company continues to show its commitment to the cloud and data analytics. Big Blue’s quarterly revenues decreased for the 13th quarter in a row, yet its CFO Martin Schroeter said it will continue to inject money into IBM’s “strategic imperatives,” which Schroeter explained […]